Drone Cinematography and Video Production Services

It’s the filming technique that everyone’s talking about. But what makes this view of the world so engaging to audiences? Like flying itself, filming from the air gives you incredible creative freedom. Once minute you can be flying alongside a steam engine seeing a closeup of a passenger sipping tea, the next minute you might be hundreds of feet in the air as the train winds through a dramatic mountain landscape. With aerial filming really anything is possible. In the past audience’s experiences of aerial photography were generally limited to dramatic Hollywood action sequences or big budget TV commercials.

Professional Drone Cinematography 

Aerial Dynamic Solution specializes in advanced professional drone cinematography and video services, helping our clients from the cinematography and video production industry capture stunning video impossible or prohibitively expensive to get by traditional video methods – helicopter, crane, dolly, or cable-cam. From majestic aerial drone videos to fast, low and close-up tracking of fast moving objects, our drone teams have the expertise, experience, and passion to help you get the shot you need.

Perfect 360° Panoramic Photo & Video

We provide high resolution 360° panoramic photography and videography using a combination of hand-held cameras and drones to capture every angle of your event or photography project.

Provide HD Video Broadcast  

We are able also to provide live HD video broadcast solutions for clients in news media and event production. Our drone operator team is experienced in live Broadcast. Combined with our optical zoom drone camera platforms, live drone broadcast is all the rage in news and event production worlds!

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