Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will you provide the units and pilots or assemble the team yourself or can we supply our own?

Each solution is unique in the implementation. In case the clients do not have the equipments or the teams to implement the process. We will consult and provide the equipments that will be used for the specific tasks.We nee

2. Clients need to map certain area for agricultural mapping. What is the best process to do it?

Consult with us the required land mass to be mapped and what kind of data needed. We will consult with the clients on the available services we have  using our available drones and mapping sensors.

3. Do you provide traing with the specific drone that we buy from you?

Yes, we provide training on every drones or processing software that we sell.

4. Can you help my company with the drone training.?

Yes, we can help your company with the drone training by combining our trainers and specialists in our team

5. We do not know what kind of drones are needed for the specific jobs

Consult with us with what you need. We will come up with the best solution for your need

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