Mapping and Surveying Drones Services

Drones are being used more frequently by surveyors and engineers for terrain assessments and mapping. The notion of using photogrammetry for this industry is not entirely new, but the concept of drone implementation has made inspections and mapping much more cost effective. Accuracy is a critical factor during drone use within this industry. One of the most important considerations when using drones in surveying and mapping are the tools needed for proper accuracy.

Capture High-quality Footage and Mapping

Our high-quality drone operators can capture high-quality footage and mapping of any terrain, providing an aerial land survey to assist architects, builders, or surveyors. We offer also professional drone roof surveying and inspection to assist architects, surveyors, and builders, enabling accurate assessment of difficult to reach or unsafe rooftops or high buildings.

Provide Services for many things

We provide professional 2/3D drone mapping and photogrammetry services for buildings and landscapes, providing essential coverage of locations or events, including natural disasters, hurricanes, accident or crash sites, forestry, sandbanks, tidal, algae, and geological areas of interest. Our high-resolution drone photography and videography can reach areas which are difficult to access from the ground, providing a clear view from above to assist the inspection or surveying of high buildings, rooftops, chimneys, or historic buildings.

Professional Aerial Surveying and Drone Mapping

Aerial Dynamic Solution offers professional aerial surveying and drone mapping services for a wide range of purposes, including; 2/3D mapping, site surveys, 3D mapping, thermal imaging, historical building inspections, site inspections, archaeological or land surveys, lidar scanning, and roof surveys.

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