TV Documentary

Our aerial filming and dynamic ground solutions are well adapted to our clients requirements.


Eventually, we provide an upstream advisory service for your filming and documentary shooting in Indonesia (pilot selection, equipment selection spotting, flight path, aerial regulation constraints, etc) and during your shooting project with our security and safety team who will be in charge of all the interactions between you and other third parties (pilots, suppliers, professionals, aviation authorities, etc) and we will make sure that the flights security and safety in accordance with the authorities rules.

For a multiple of episodes of their TV documentary series, Aerial Dynamic Solution (ADS) worked with IBS, the Indonesian Broadcasting System (IBS) for documentary production projects. Using our drone we were able to capture all of the action in ultra-high definition, so that the client could crop in closer to the action in post production.

We filmed using several types of drones, in order to provide a range of footage. Access to the site presented a number of challenges, filming at 2,400m and tackling windy conditions at the footage location. Nevertheless, we were very pleased with the amazing footage that we captured.

For all of the project we were trusted to self direct and the client was more than happy with the footage captured. Our vast experience of aerial videography means that we can add to any production by suggesting shots that will enhance the production.

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